Saturday, 1 February 2014

Winter Wedding Inspiration

I pinned a few things on winter weddings for a Rock My Wedding competition (any brides to be reading if you don't follow them already you should, major inspiration). A lot of these aren't applicable to our spring wedding, or I hope they won't be, but they were too pretty not to share.

Some winter wedding inspiration this weekend, anyone getting married soon or next winter?
Winter flowers and a faux fur stole
Glittery glamorous decor
If we could only guarantee snow in the UK, winter doesn't often look like the hair here and the horsies
Sleeves on a wedding dress to keep covered up
An autumn wedding
Simple and wintery table decor
Great for an autumn or winter wedding
I think these are Christmas decorations but they'd work well at a winter wedding
Twinkling lights and lanterns
Great bridesmaid look for winter
This one kind of cracks me up, if on your wedding day you want to sit on the floor holding a pine cone while a wolf looks at you from the background then you must do it wearing a cape with some random ice skates in front of you. Who could ice skate in a wedding dress anyway? The cape is nice though.

Happy weekend all!